Work with us!

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our shops! We are always looking for great people to join us.

We are a family of cafes in the Pioneer Valley with sister shops in Boston. Each location is a little different, but they all share the same commitment to ingredient driven quality and friendly service. We hire Cashiers, Baristas, Bartenders (at night Amherst Coffee has a bar), Bakers (Tart Baking Co.) and Managers. Some hospitality experience is great, but coffee specific skills are not required and we love training people. Sometimes a working in a coffee shop is a great gig while in school or between things, sometimes it's a career. We think both are rad and we are looking for applicants who aspire to do something completely different in a couple years as well as those who are looking to dive seriously into Coffee, Bartending and or Baking. It is our goal to provide safe, enjoyable and productive space where people like you can learn about and practice these awesome crafts. We believe, that when prepared at the highest level and offered to customers in a kind way, our products can uplift and change the course of a day for the better.  We think this has ripple effects that reach far beyond our communities and towns and that it is a noble work. Thank you for your time and for taking a look at joining our team. 

Please complete the application below and it will be sent directly to our hiring manager: