My Story

I fell in love with coffee when I was 14. I started working in a cafe when I was 15. Years later I started roasting coffee and eventually opened my first cafe in 2003. I have been continually amazed by how the pursuit of quality and taste in the cup radiates out, impacting the lives of so many. In coffee we have the opportunity to celebrate amazing farmers, unique lands, rich traditions, deep history, the craft of roasting, precise preparation, and true hospitality. A beautiful cup of coffee represents the hard and careful work of so many. What I thought was a career in coffee has really become a passion for people; nothing influences the cup more than the community surrounding a beautiful cup of coffee. 

Umbra Management was created to support and enhance this community. We create and build bright, uplifting cafes. We train and educate staff in the craft, we provide HR support, organizational management, and all sorts of other stuff. Most importantly we hope to honor all of the people and the efforts that bring great coffee to the table and, through a genuine and kind service, impact the lives of our customers for the better.